Erick Matthews

Erick Matthews is the CEO and founder of Gumbo Entertainment L.L.C. He is a songwriter, singer, producer, and musician who has a heart to create a platform for artist to express their gift to the world.

Donrico Colden

Donrico Colden is a gifted vocalist, songwriter, producer, musician, and arranger. He has worked with several well known artist such as William Becton,
Brent Jones, Charrisse Nelson-McIntosh ,and Kim Rutherford just to name a few. He services on Gumbo's writing and production team.

Sam Thomas

National Director of Music and Project Officer with Masters in MIS, Bachelor in Business and a heavy IT and project managing background. Sam and his company Sam productions L.L.C are premier partners of Gumbo Entertainment LLC and serve as booking agent, production and writing partner for Gumbo Ent. More info about Sam 

Joseph Matthews

         (Poster Boi Pro)

Is a Data Analyst/ Music Producer with Gumbo Ent. In this role, He leads a team providing reliable registration and submission support for all aspects of musical production including completed songs and works in progress. A big believer in following through, Joseph supports the project from start to finish. Poster Boi has more than 10 years of Corporate experience in Logistics.Prior to starting his Data Analyst business, Poster Boi spent 17 years as an Artist and Music Producer.